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FinTech Innovations in the Wealth Management Sector


The future is digital! Wealth management is one of the crucial financial services sectors witnessing a significant transformation due to the impact of digital technologies on its business. Changing customer demands and behaviour, the need for personalization, and the customization of wealth solutions are the main driving forces for digital evolutions in the sector. Wealth management companies leverage technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc., to provide multifaceted and comprehensive advice. 

Let us explore the top disruptive technology trends in wealth management, the impact of these trends on traditional wealth management services, emerging new players or WealthTechs in the sector, changing client engagement and business models, innovative wealth solutions, and the challenges ahead. The future of wealth management is all about embracing new technologies to stay relevant to investors of the next generation. 

Top 10 WealthTech Companies Redefining the Asset Management Space

WealthTechs, a modern combination of today’s technology and wealth management, are changing the dynamics of the financial industry. Fintech innovations in wealth management are democratizing access to various wealth management solutions and services. Many innovative WealthTech startups emerging in the market provide automated investment solutions with personalized strategies. 

As per the market research report published by Applied Market Research, the market value of global WealthTech solutions stood at $4.8 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 14.8% to reach the projected value of $18.6 billion by 2031.

Let us look at the top 10 WealthTech companies redefining the wealth management space globally.

Company NameFoundedEstimated RevenueBusiness LocationSolutions Offered
2018<$5MEuropeAll-in-one wealth planning platform for financial advisors
1998$10.9MEuropeSwitzerlandMiddle EastAfricaAPACFinancial white-label appsHybrid wealth appsRobo advisoryMulti-asset executionMulti-asset class risk analytics and portfolio construction
2014$16.6MCanadaDigital wealth management solution
2008$71.1MUSAutomated investing platform
2008$151.1MUSDigital investment Retirement and advisoryCash management services
2013$105MUSWealth management Family office
2015$5.4MSwitzerlandAnalytical software solutions for financial advisory and wealth management, portfolio construction
2015$105MUSAutomated investing Investing app with personalized investing advice
2010<$5MSwedenDigital investing solutions Digital lending
2016$21MCanadaEnterprise wealth management platform Mobile and Web client applications Comprehensive reporting
  1. Abbove

Abbove, formerly known as PaxFamilia, is a promising WealthTech company. Abbove is a specialized wealth planning engagement platform for wealth advisors. This platform aims to enhance the overall wealth management experience by offering a user-friendly interface that facilitates effective collaboration between wealth advisors and their customers and enhances their digital experience. 

Key points about Abbove:

  • Abbove gives a holistic approach to wealth planning by helping wealth advisors create effective and comprehensive wealth management strategies with its estate planning tools and enriched clients’ wealth data.
  • It focuses on providing lifelong support throughout a client’s financial journey with automated wealth solutions using API (application programming interface). 
  • It connects wealth advisors with the entire wealth management ecosystem to get unlimited wealth data of clients from multiple data sources to get a global view.
  • It connects with 300 financial institutions for easy integration of wealth data.
  • Nearly 1,000 wealth management professionals and 30,000 European families use this wealth planning platform.
  • Abbove is partnered with Quintet Private Bank to help them offer digital wealth planning to their clients. 

Awards and recognition

  • Abbove is listed in the WealthTech100 companies by Fintech Global
  • Received ‘Best technology outsourcing solution’ at WealthBriefing European Awards, 2023
  • Recognized as the best WealthTech solutions provider in Europe by Forbes in 2022.
  1. Additiv

Additiv is a leading WealthTech provider specializing in offering orchestrated financial services by empowering financial businesses with its end-to-end operational and strategic collaboration. 

Key points about Additiv:

  • It offers ready-to-run omnichannel white-label apps for wealth management companies and financial businesses to help them take a customer-centric approach to delivering the best digital wealth management solutions
  • Wealth managers can offer customized value propositions for their clients via Additiv’s omnichannel investment apps, hybrid wealth, and robo advisory platform.
  • Additiv’s Advisor Copilot uses generative AI to help investors get instant answers from their advisors.
  • Additiv has a global presence in over 50+ markets

Awards and recognition

  • Additiv is listed as a leading WealthTech provider in FinTech Global’s WealthTech100 list.
  • It was awarded the Best (MEA) Wealth & Investment Technology Provider for the third time.
  • It was awarded as best investment management platform in 2023.
  1. Nest Wealth

Nest Wealth is Canada’s first digital wealth management platform based on the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. The WealthTech provider focuses on improving investor access to advanced wealth management advice. 

Key points about Nest Wealth:

  • Nest Wealth is a robo advisor that offers low-cost, automated direct-to-investor wealth management solutions suitable for their unique needs.
  • Nest Wealth services are not just limited to individual investors. They offer white-label solutions to financial institutions featuring services like digital onboarding, business dashboards, augmented intelligence (smart, intuitive AI) and integrated financial planning to help them scale up their business with enhanced client experience. 
  • It also empowers financial advisors and wealth managers with digital wealth solutions to expand their business.  
  • Offers various financial tools, such as budget planners, mortgage calculators, insurance calculators, income tax calculators, etc., to simplify the wealth management journey.
  • Nest Wealth is partnered with the National Bank of Canada to provide them with digital wealth solutions
  • In 2019, Nest Wealth acquired Razor Logic Systems and became the first B2B digital wealth solution provider platform.

Awards and recognition

  • Nest Wealth is listed in the WealthTech 100 list by FinTech Global in 2023.
  1. Wealthfront

Wealthfront is a prominent WealthTech company that provides automated investment services to help its clients manage wealth. 

Key points about Wealthfront:

  • Wealthfront operates as a robo-advisory platform that offers automated investing and portfolio management services using algorithms and other advanced technologies.
  • The platform helps the investor build a diversified investment portfolio using automated investment advice based on the information provided by the investor. 
  • Some of the unique features available on the platform are tax-efficient strategies for investment, direct indexing, customization, and low-cost and high-interest-yielding cash management accounts.
  • Wealthfront also offers a human-driven, robot-free investing version with a pre-made portfolio. 
  • Along with the facility to integrate with external accounts, Wealthfront also provides educational content to help its users enhance their financial knowledge.

Awards and recognition

  • Wealthfront was awarded the ‘Best Robo Advisor for IRAS’ by The Ascent in 2023.
  • Recognized as the best robo-adviser and cash management app by NerdWallet
  1. Betterment

Betterment is a popular robo-advisory platform that offers automated financial planning and investment advisory services. 

Key points about Betterment:

  • It offers robo-advisory services using advanced technologies and algorithms to automate wealth management services. It helps many users construct personalized and diversified investment portfolios based on their profile analysis.
  • Some unique features and services include an emphasis on goal-based investing strategies, flexible & custom portfolios, tax-efficient investing to optimize post-tax returns, automatic rebalancing, affordable pricing, high-interest cash accounts, and retirement planning services.
  • As of Dec 2022, Betterment has over 800,000 customers
  • Betterment provides financial planning tools like goal tracker, retirement planning, and cash-back rewards.

Awards and recognition

  • Betterment was awarded the ‘Best Robo Advisor Overall’ by The Ascent in 2023.
  • Recognized as the best robo-adviser by NerdWallet
  1. Addepar

Addepar is a FinTech wealth management platform for investment professionals, financial advisors and family offices across the globe. The platform is designed to provide deep insights and advanced tools to simplify the complexity of investment portfolio management. 

Key points about Addepar:

  • With rich data aggregation, Addepar allows wealth managers to have a unified view of their client’s wealth to deliver excellence.
  • It offers integrated wealth management solutions that include portfolio trading & rebalancing, forecasting and model asset allocation, calculation insights, and streamlined billing.
  • It offers sophisticated investment services, custom reporting, and performance analysis for family offices
  • Addepar specializes in handling complex investment types such as private equity, alternative investments, hedge funds, real estate, etc.
  • Other unique features include scalability and smooth integration of software tools.
  • Addepar processes 1.5 million custody accounts daily, and 225K investment portfolios are currently being managed.

Awards and recognition

  • Addepar is listed in the FinTech 50 by Forbes in 2023
  • Addepar is named Best in Class in Aite Novarica report 2023
  1. 3RD Eye Analytics

3rd Eye Analytics is a leading WealthTech company that provides hyper-personalized wealth planning solutions. It supports financial institutions’ transformational wealth management journey by providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

Here are the critical points about 3rd Eye Analytics:

  • 3rd Eye Analytics provides analytical software solutions to help financial institutions offer their clients dynamic wealth and investment planning advice.
  • It helps wealth management companies to enable sustainable, realistic, and instant investing services beyond regulatory standards.
  • It is one of the 13 growth-stage FinTech startups selected for F10’s Accelerator Cohort in 2022

Awards and recognition

  • 3rd Eye Analytics is listed in WealthTech 100 by FinTech Global in 2023
  • Listed in ESG FinTech 100, 2022
  • Finalist for FinTech Germany Award, 2021
  1. Stash

Stash Financial, commonly referred to as Stash, is a prominent, wealthy FinTech company that offers digital investment solutions. Stash focuses on simplifying the investing process for people and helping them build a solid digital financial portfolio.

Here are the critical points about Stash:

  • Stash focuses on micro-investing with its diverse investment options, including ETFs (exchange-traded funds) of different asset classes, sectors, and industries.
  • Stash offers investment advisory services to help clients build customized investment portfolios aligned with their financial goals.
  • Stash offers automated investing facilities in different subscription models
  • The stash app is a user-friendly interface that provides a smooth investing experience for investors.
  • Stash has over six million valued customers.

Awards and recognition

  • Received FinTech Breakthrough’s Best Personal Finance App award in 2023
  • Received Forbes FinTech 50, 2022 award
  • Received USA Today and Statista’s Top 500 Best Financial Advisory Firms Award, 2023.
  1. Bricknode

Bricknode is a prominent WealthTech company that helps financial businesses transform their investment management business. Bricknode offers cloud software solutions and tools to help wealth management companies design and manage modern investing and lending services.

Key points about Bricknode:

  • The wealth management platform is Bricknode’s core offering that empowers wealth management companies to design the right solution for their client with a  future-proof technology. 
  • A flexible API (application programming interface) driven approach provides an effective solution that helps integrate software with other systems.
  • Other unique solutions include regulatory umbrella hosting, investment operations solutions, portfolio management and client relation management using future-proof technological solutions. 
  • Bricknode offers white-label solutions to FinTechs, asset management companies and banks to offer their clients branded digital wealth planning platforms and services.
  • Bricknode is transforming digital investing by offering 57K financial products on their platform with total assets of €2 billion and over 60 financial apps and add-ons in their marketplace

Awards and recognition

  • Bicknode is rewarded as one of the most innovative WealthTech companies in the world and also featured in the annual list of WealthTech 100 companies 2023 by FinTech Global.
  1. D1g1t

D1g1t is a FinTech wealth management platform for wealth managers, financial advisory firms, and institutions. The platform is powered by advanced risk management tools and institutional-grade analytics that empower wealth managers to offer exceptional advisory services.

Key points about D1g1t:

  • The platform integrates financial planning, investment advisory, portfolio management, and portfolio monitoring in the wealth management space into a single digital interface. 
  • Wealth managers can get a 360-degree view of the client’s wealth with complete transparency to make suitable investment recommendations.
  • The platform helps wealth managers make data-driven decisions by leveraging advanced analytics to get deep insights into market trends, investment performance, risk exposure, etc. 
  • Other unique solutions include regulatory compliance, automated operations, and next-level user digital experience.

Awards and recognition

  • D1g1t is on the annual list of WealthTech 100 by FinTech Global and is also acclaimed as an innovative WealthTech startup.
  • D1g1t has won the 2023 FinTech Award for Best Enterprise Wealth Management Platform.
  • Recognized as ‘Wealthiest’ finalist for the Wealth Management Industry 2023 award.
  • Recognized as a Global Wealth Management Industry Leader in Acclaim Magazine.


WealthTech companies are significantly reshaping the wealth management industry by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning big data, etc., to offer highly personalized, automated wealth management solutions. The adoption of new-age technologies by WealthTechs is helping the industry bridge the existing gaps and enhancing the investor’s digital experience. The rapid revolution in the industry with new entrants continues to redefine the wealth management landscape. 

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